New York, I Love You But You've Changed

A podcast about NYC featuring the New Yorkers who know it best

New York, I Love You But You've Changed is a podcast where long time New Yorkers from across the five boroughs give us their version of the city they love, discuss how it has evolved and share their thoughts on what we can do to make the greatest hometown in the world great for all of us. And we also have some fun with the pop culture associated with NYC- so see each episode to its end.

Our interviews seek to create an anthology of voices that represents the range of life that exists in New York City, especially those voices who are often left out of the narrative. We hope to give a platform to New Yorkers whose realities the general public would rather forget- and represent demographics that are glaringly missing from the podcast space.

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Alexis Haut,

Host & Producer

Alexis is a former NYC and Newark teacher who lives in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. She grew up in the Tri-State area thinking that New York City was the only thing that mattered. She spent most of her college years in Athens, GA, with a very necessary one year stint at the Fashion Institute of Technology sandwiched somewhere in there. She returned to home base in 2011 and has no plans of living anywhere but NYC...maybe ever.

She is also the producer of the 2019 B Spoke Award winning podcast Appropriate, an examination of her and other white people’s relationship to rap music- stemming from her odd experience at a Chance the Rapper concert in 2017.

She loves hip hop, watching TV shows as soon as they air (she hates being left out of cultural conversations, but has yet to see Hamilton-hook her up if you got it), Rihanna, New York Magazine (she has read every issue published since 2007), summer in Brooklyn, making playlists, wearing multiple patterns at the same time (usually on different pieces of athleisure) and telling you her opinions about these and other topics. You can find more of Alexis and her playlists at where she writes about (mostly Drake) lyrics, politics, pop culture and the intersection of the three.